Thumbnail for Why High Protein Foods are not necessarily good for your pet!
Posted by Bacterfield - 02-01-2018
By Therese G. Hosbjerg, DVM/Technical Manager Bacterfield GmBH
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Posted by Bacterfield - 13-10-2017
By Therese G. Hosbjerg, DVM and Technical Manager at Bacterfield GMBH
Thumbnail for The role of probiotics in veterinary medicine - prophylactic use and in conjunction with disease.
Posted by Bacterfield - 04-02-2017
The awareness of probiotic therapy has increased in recent years. Many pet owners and veterinarians are now using probiotics successfully both to manage and prevent many different conditions. This article will present the scientific basis of probiotic use specifically focusing on dogs and cats.
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Posted by Bacterfield - 26-09-2016
The term “functional food” has been around for many years. The concept was introduced in the 1980s in Japan in the human food industry and it has since then made its way into the pet food industry due to increasing consumer awareness. The term has been defined in several ways during its existence, however, the basic definition remains the same; functional food is a food that provides health-promoting and disease-preventing benefits by the addition of known or unknown biologically-active compounds.
Thumbnail for Benefits of growing up with a dog
Posted by Bacterfield - 16-09-2016
Children love animals! Everyone who has grown up with a dog cherish the memories deeply in their hearts and often remember their pet as the best friend they have ever had. But there are many more reasons to why you should consider adding a new member to your family.
Thumbnail for My cat has started peeing inside – now what?
Posted by Bacterfield - 14-09-2016
Cats peeing outside the litterbox is usually a problem of great annoyance to you as the owner. Usually the cat chooses places of inconvenience, e.g. the bed, the couch, the shower or your plant as its new preferred toilet. Peeing outside the litterbox can be a matter of territorial marking or another behavioral problem, but can also be caused by an underlying disease for instance, diabetes, kidney problems or bladder infections/stones.
Thumbnail for Do you know which plants are toxic to cats?
Posted by Bacterfield - 14-09-2016
Cats love catnip, but some cats also enjoy chewing on other plants if they have the chance. However, be careful because some plants are toxic, and might even end up killing the cat.
Thumbnail for Why is my dog suddenly peeing inside?
Posted by Bacterfield - 14-09-2016
That question might have several different answers. If your dog is still young peeing inside can be the cause of an innate anatomical defect, behavioral problems or just that the dog is not yet housebroken. If the problem is anatomical sometimes an operation can solve it, however behavioral problems usually takes time, patience and training.
Thumbnail for Yoghurt as a probiotic supplement for pets?
Posted by Bacterfield - 28-07-2016
The awareness of the beneficial health properties associated with probiotics have grown over the last few years. Many of the trends seen in the human sector are transferred to the pet market because of the increasing humanization of pets. However, is it actually beneficial to use yoghurt as a probiotic supplement for pets?
Thumbnail for How to provide first aid for your pet
Posted by Bacterfield - 28-07-2016
Every year many pets have accidents at home. Providing first aid for your pet can be very helpful and might save lives. Knowing what to do and how to stabilize your pet for transport to the vet is crucial in preventing any further damage from happening.