Thumbnail for Yoghurt as a probiotic supplement for pets?
Posted by - 28-07-2016
The awareness of the beneficial health properties associated with probiotics have grown over the last few years. Many of the trends seen in the human sector are transferred to the pet market because of the increasing humanization of pets. However, is it actually beneficial to use yoghurt as a probiotic supplement for pets?
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Posted by - 28-07-2016
Every year many pets have accidents at home. Providing first aid for your pet can be very helpful and might save lives. Knowing what to do and how to stabilize your pet for transport to the vet is crucial in preventing any further damage from happening.
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Posted by - 13-07-2016
It is common knowledge that people need regular exercise to live healthy lives, however the same applies to pets. Obesity is a growing problem for pets, so taking your dog for a run is good for both of you.