Obesity and behavior - among dogs and dog owners

Obesity is by far the most common nutritional disorder in dogs (German, 2006). As we approach the Christmas season with plenty amounts of food in most families, we need to hold on to the healthy habits regarding feeding our four-legged family members. It can also be a time for reflection of the general health and well-being of our dogs. Obesity is known to be related to a wide range of disorders, such as orthopedic disorders, diabetes mellitus, heart disorders, respiratory disorders, reproductive disorders, urinary tract disorders, reproductive problems, and complications of anesthesia (German, 2006).

2022-10-28 12:25:00

An update about feeding small dogs

The small dog breeds are and will remain popular in homes world-wide. However, these four-legged family members require as much attention to feeding as the larger breeds...

2021-10-01 12:58:00

Benefits of growing up with a dog

Children love animals! Everyone who has grown up with a dog cherish the memories deeply in their hearts and often remember their pet as the best friend they have ever had. But there are many more reasons to why you should consider adding a new member to your family.

2016-09-16 07:55:00

Why is my dog suddenly peeing inside?

If your dog is still young peeing inside can be the cause of an innate anatomical defect, behavioural problems or just that the dog is not yet housebroken. If the problem is anatomical sometimes an operation can solve it, however, behavioural problems usually take time, patience and training.

2016-09-14 08:00:00

Need a new running-partner?

It is common knowledge that people need regular exercise to live healthy lives, however the same applies to pets. Obesity is a growing problem for pets, so taking your dog for a run is good for both of you.

2016-07-13 08:05:00
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