Food intolerance in dogs

Food intolerances may be caused by pharmacological reactions to dietary ingredients such as histidine in fish transformed into histamine by the intestinal microbiota, by a metabolic problem such as lack of intestinal enzymes (eg, lactase), or dysmotility, dysbiosis, physical effects and non-specific dietary sensitivity.

2022-11-30 13:41:00

Microbiota: An important player in the health and well-being of our pets

How much details can we get, and how important is proper feeding for that detail?

Overall, microorganisms in the gut affect how well the animal’s digestion works, and with proper feeding, containing pre- and probiotics, we can optimize the animal´s microbiota - and improve digestion and intestinal function.

Read more below and find out how to optimize your dog's digestion and overall health and well-being.

2022-04-29 14:53:00

Guidelines for a fun and happy summer with your pet

Follow these simple guidelines to make sure you take good care of your best friend.

2019-07-26 12:50:00

A natural way to everyday wellness

Increased focus on the health and wellness of pets has shifted to also focusing on doing it “the natural way”. Pet owners are increasingly focusing on natural ingredients, NO artificial colouring, flavours or additives when choosing food for their four-legged family members...

2017-10-13 09:44:00

The role of probiotics in veterinary medicine - prophylactic use and in conjunction with disease.

The awareness of probiotic therapy has increased in recent years. Many pet owners and veterinarians are now using probiotics successfully both to manage and prevent many different conditions. This article will present the scientific basis of probiotic use specifically focusing on dogs and cats.

2017-02-04 08:45:00

How to provide first aid for your pet

Every year many pets have accidents at home. Providing first aid for your pet can be very helpful and might save lives. Knowing what to do and how to stabilize your pet for transport to the vet is crucial in preventing any further damage from happening.

2016-07-28 08:03:00

Yoghurt as a probiotic supplement for pets?

The awareness of the beneficial health properties associated with probiotics have grown over the last few years. Many of the trends seen in the human sector are transferred to the pet market because of the increasing humanization of pets. However, is it actually beneficial to use yoghurt as a probiotic supplement for pets?

2016-07-28 08:01:00

Contributing to happy, healthier pets

Bacterfield creates pet food products that contain all the beneficial effects of probiotics.

2016-04-04 08:08:00
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