Everyday Wellness

Everyday Wellness

Your pet's wellbeing is important to us. A super-premium food, an active lifestyle, love and care is all your pet needs for a happy and healthy life. However, keeping an eye out for any changes in your pet's behaviour is always important.

Feeding your pet a good quality pet food and making sure your pet is exercised helps to prevent any potential illnesses. Using ProBiotic LIVE is a perfect way to ensure everyday wellness for your furry family member.


Healthy lifestyle facts

Noticing any changes in the behaviour of your pet is important, however, some of the health issues to pay attention to are:



Healthy eyes are clear and bright with no excretion and no sensitivity to light. Runny eyes should be cleaned regularly with hot water and a tissue - wiping from inside out.


The ears

Check the ears regularly and clean if necessary. Do not use cotton swabs, but cotton balls and a mild ear cleanser.


Teeth and breath

Proper nutrition is the foundation of healthy teeth. Animals usually maintain their own teeth by chewing on bones or similar, but sometimes it can be a good idea to brush your pet's teeth. If your pet has a very unpleasant breath, the problem might lie in either teeth problems or digestive upset.


Coat maintaining

A healthy coat is thick and shiny, obviously varying between breeds. The skin should be free of any dry skin or dandruff. Your pet should get used to regular brushing from an early age for maximum health benefit.


Nail clipping

Your pet's nails should be checked every so often, and shortened when they curve too much. They should be smooth, but the colour of healthy nails varies between breeds - they are most often black or white though. 



If your pet stops eating the food it has previously eaten without any problems, you should investigate it. If this continues for more than a day consult a vet. Some dogs and cats are just fussy though, especially when trying out new foods.



Excrements are a good way of learning about your pet’s health issues. The normal stool should be log-shaped, firm but not hard and easy to pick up.



Your pet should get as much exercise as possible; preferably at least in the morning, afternoon and evening. Drowsiness is not normal for dogs or cats. If he has his head and tail down and is too tired to move around normally, something could be wrong and might need to be checked out by a vet.

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