Quality and safety

Quality and safety

ProBiotic LIVE - quality you can trust

  • We waive animal testing.
  • European quality - produced in the EU.
  • Independent tests guarantee the highest level of quality.
  • Produced in accordance with GMP. 


Our Approach to Quality Assurance

Ingredient Supply

We only accept ingredients from suppliers whose facilities meet stringent quality standards and who are approved by Bacterfield and the production site. Not only is each ingredient examined to ensure its safety, but we also analyze each product's ingredient profile for essential nutrients to ensure your pet gets the stringent, precise formulation they need.


Product Manufacturing

Quality control is applied throughout the manufacturing process. We conduct annual quality systems audits for all manufacturing facilities to ensure we meet the high standards your pet deserves. We demand compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices and Bacterfield´s high-quality standards, so your pet's food is produced under clean and sanitary conditions.


Quality tests

High-Quality Pet food, different quality systems

  • FCA (Feed Chain Alliance)
  • ACS (Auto Control System), a system developed by German, Danish & Belgian authorities.
  • IFS (International Food Standard)

In-House & factory Quality Control

  • Sampling on all phases: traceability ensured
  • Testing production: optimization of the process
  • Testing finished products: palatability and digestibility
  • Testing packaging

External tests (University of Ghent, ALS Food and Pharmaceutical, Morgenstond, Panelis, FDL, etc.)

  • Probiotic bacteria count
  • Full Nutritional analysis
  • Full production analysis


  • Testing AA (amino-acid) digestibility
  • Degree of starch defragmentation (> 95%)


Good nutrition is vitally important! This linked to the fact that our dog & cat kibbles are specially designed to ensure maximum palatability, and our recipes are taste-tested in non-invasive trials so that we can offer the assurance that our functional super-premium kibble dog & cat food will be enjoyed!

Our kibbles are “friendly” because we have taken into account all of the following:

  • Texture – Texture is important to cats and dogs.

  • Density – The correct density of the kibble ensures that it is satisfactorily crunchy when fed dry.

  • Size – The kibbles are of an appropriate size and shape for the breed and age group.

  • Taste Preference – Our kibbles are coated with a delicious natural coating that is free from any added artificial colours and flavours.

Finished Product

Additional analyses are carried out on finished products, while each production batch is sampled and 100 per cent traceable.


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