Dedicated to research and innovation, we believe that the right pet nutrition is vital for pets living long, healthy lives. We combine knowledge and quality to create pet food products that support pets in numerous ways contributing to enhancing the quality of life.

ProBiotic LIVE should be the food of choice for pet owners looking to provide high quality, natural and healthy nutrition for their four-legged family members.


Properly Balanced

While Bacterfield's pet foods contain high-quality ingredients, our research proves that it is the proper balance of essential nutrients supplied by those ingredients that are the key to optimal health for pets. Guided by evidence-based research, we develop our foods with a precise balance of these nutrients to meet the specific needs of pets associated with their life stage, size etc.


Research & Innovation

Our Bacterfield team work hard every day to improve existing products and to create new innovative functional feed products. All because we love animals and we want them to live a long, happy and healthy life. 

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